Winter Youth Rally

Winter Youth Rally: Gregory Church of Christ
Winter Youth Rally: Gregory Church of Christ

This was C’s 2nd Winter Youth Rally and L’s first. They had a good time and learned a lot they both said. Logan was shocked at how well some of the other kids knew their Bible and said that he’s going to study harder so he can come back next year ready to compete! Ha!

The Winter Youth Rally is just for kids ages 11-18, so I had to piddle around until they got out. It was 1.5 hours away from home, so I had to keep myself occupied. The first day (Monday), E was with me (K was with my sister) and we went to Kohl’s, got some great deals and went to McDonald’s for lunch. He played at the Play Place while I wrote letters. A win-win for both of us!! Tuesday, my mom watched K & E and I only had to entertain myself which was so strange!! I would have shopped but was broke. Luckily, I brought my laptop and letters so I worked on homework some and wrote letters some.

I’m trying to get totally caught up on my correspondence by the New Year, and while I’m very close I don’t think I will make it. Maybe I should extend my goal to Jan 5th (that’s when the boys and myself go back to school/work).

On the way home from the Winter Youth Rally on Tues, we stopped at the library because everyone was out of books. Christian got a few (mystery and fantasy), Logan got a R.L. Stein book and an Encyclopedia Brown book and I got 4 books. All 4 I will be able to mark off of my 2015 reading challenge! Yea!

The Invention of WingsBook #1  is an audiobook=I have to drive 1 hour to & fro when I work, so it’s a great opportunity to “read” plus it makes the drive go by so much faster AND it’s relaxing! Complies with the Reading Challenge “a book you chose based entirely on its cover”.

Killing Patton Book #2: I don’t know much about this story, so I’m interested to see what I find out! Complies with the Reading Challenge “a nonfiction book”.

Big Little Lies Book #3: Looks interesting, plus it complies with the Reading Challenge “book with antonyms in the title”.

It looks like it’s going to be a good year!

Big Hero 6

L’s 11th birthday was in November and one of his presents was that he could go to a movie and take a few friends. This was in place of a friends birthday party. We’ve tried to have a friend’s birthday party for him but since his birthday falls in between Thanksgiving and opening day of deer season, it’s very hard to get people to show up.

He really wanted to see the movie “Big Hero 6” but it wasn’t playing anywhere around here even though it came out right around his birthday. FINALLY it came out around here Christmas weekend. He was so excited and called the 2 boys that he was inviting.

Big_Hero_6_posterHis friends were also excited because this was their first movie in theaters! That was a little surprising to me but both come from bigger families than my boys and it makes sense.

I was late picking up L’s friends because the temperature dipped and my car wouldn’t start! Ahh! Luckily my mom was home and she was able to come over and jump start my car. When planning what time to leave, I added an extra 30 minutes because I know how pokey I and the boys are, as well as I allotted time for driving to and picking up L’s friends SO because of that, we weren’t late getting to the movie and were actually early!! We had enough time to go to the bathroom, get popcorn and pick out our seat!

The movie was funny, sweet and very cute! A really warm-hearted movie for families to watch together; I highly recommend it!

Logan, Jaydin, Gavin

big hero 6 inside