Triumphant Return

image (1)Hello, hello! I’ve been gone for ages but I’m back and plan on making this blog better. I realized that I really wasn’t using pictures or posting very often, so I plan to change that! Look for more of me in the future! 🙂

This is some daffodils from Spring that I picked at an abandoned house. The lady who used to live there had an amazing flower garden and loved to share her flowers with the neighborhood. I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded sharing them with me.

image (2)  I’ve been writing letters to some of my pen pals. This was several days of writing, just mailed them all at the same time. 🙂 I’m always writing a letter, it’s just my replies aren’t always that quick. I get very busy! lol! But I love getting a letter and it’s very special to open up your mailbox and see a letter waiting for you. There’s also something therapeutic about writing and it connects you to the other person in a different way than email or texting.

image (3) We got a new dog. She’s adorable, tiny and named Lucy. This isn’t the greatest picture of me but a super great picture of Lucy! 😀 Housebreaking a dog isn’t fun but she is learning.

image  Here’s a picture of all of the boys. It’s a little old. I think from this winter when we went to Cold Stone Creamery.

Loving this summer so far! Can’t wait to update you more!