Monday, March 23, 2015

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For Today… March 23, 2015
Outside my window…Seeing grass that’s turning green
I am thinking…how I will get it all done today!
I am thankful…for warm weather, Spring-like days and being surrounded by such nice people!
I am wearing…purple top, pearl necklace, white skirt, gold flip flops, my pink watch and my fitbit.
I am creating…pretty journal pages.
I am going…to attempt to finish my homework today and am going to the basketball game tonight.
I am wondering…if I will actually get my homework done tonight or not; I’m also wondering if the boys will win tonight.
I am reading… on the way to work via audiobook.
Book 7 so far in 2015!
Book 7 so far in 2015!
I am hoping…that the boys will get a win this year.
I am learning…how to navigate my smartphone, as this is the first one I’ve ever had!
In my garden…I’m planning to add more raised beds!
In my kitchen…things are messy! It was a crazy weekend! Planning on making something fast because we have to get to the game! Once my class is over, I plan on spending the weekends making freezer meals
A favorite quote for today…”the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything!”.
A peek into one of my days…week
One of my favorite things…80s workout
The boys dressed up for Spirit Week. The theme was “80’s workout”. E is trying to look tough. HaHa! (Ignore the ghetto wheel. I got my tire changed and the guy forgot to put the hubcap back on)

Its a Gloomy Sort of Thursday

I’m back after an interesting conference at the capitol. I brought the regular stuff: clothes, swimming suit, laptop, a book. What I brought back home: all the stuff I brought (thank God!), a sweet leather jacket that I picked up @ Goodwill for $20 and a cold.

This cold is stupid and I’m pretty much miserable. I desperatly need to clean since the DirecTV person is supposed to come tomorow and he might need to get in the front door. I don’t feel like it. I also need to go to parent teacher conferences in a few hours. I also don’t feel like doing this. Can I just be blah all day?

Plus it’s one of those gloomy fall days where the wind is blowing and it’s cold and the sky is gray. Kinda a day for watching bad tv, loads of stupid videos on YouTube, writting a letter or reading. Not being around people or cleaning.

But I’m going to have to do something. Maybe it will make me feel better?? Doubt it.