Robins and Green Grass



I’ve been noticing the signs of Spring everywhere lately! The grass is beginning to get more and more green and the trees are starting to send out little buds. Today as I was going to the car, I even saw some robins! Spring is truly here!

Hip hip hooray! The weather last week was so nice that I really am hating the cold weather that we have been having so far this week. Bleh! Bring back the warm! We love it!

I haven’t been up to anything spectacular. I feel like I’m busy all the time! This is what has happened in the last week:

  • Switched over to Straight Talk and got my first Smartphone
  • Worked
  • C has an asthma attack and had to go to the ER. (He’s fine now, just couldn’t get his breathing under control).
  • E accidentally locked my keys in my car on St. Patrick’s Day and I had to call the locksmith to come out and unlock it. $45 is what it cost!
  • Lost 6.8 lbs in a week!
  • Got 4 letters in the mail but only sent out 1.

That’s been my week!


Power to the People 2

So I am aware that I’ve been kinda sucky about keeping up with this blog. Hey, I’ve been busy! Ok so update on crazy fist-raising dude…I was back in the same town where I saw him last time. And of course he was walking. I’m not sure why, but I recognized him and felt like I needed to let him know that I was in fact, passing the message along. So I honk at him and he immediately raises his fist in the air at me…but then he sees that I’ve already got MY fist in the air. This just sends him into the biggest cycle of jubilation that I’ve ever seen! He starts fist pumping better than any Jersey Shore character PLUS jumping into the air. I would like to add that one leg was straight and the other was bent, which in my opinion made a much more enjoyable show…and expressed his joy better. I’m pretty sure that I made his entire week…and that he probably wants to wear my skin.

I saw him later at the grocery store parking lot but he didn’t see me. I think he robbed a grandma of her jacket. This is the evidence: I was in the parking lot in my vehicle. I see him enter the parking lot and cross it, moving out of view. He is not wearing a jacket. He walks back a few minutes later with a circa 1991 jacket on. Where did he get the jacket? It seemed like obtaining that jacket was his main objective. There are so many questions and not enough answers.

See folks? This is why I’m constantly swimming in a sea of crazy…and I’m the only sane one.

Power to the People

This is what happened to me today: Went with my friend/co-worker/boss’s fiance Whitney to town and as we are driving up hospital hill, we see this guy walking on the sidewalk. When he sees us, he raises his fist in like a “Power to the People” sort of way. Without looking at each other or a word in-between us, we both raise our fists back at him like saying “I support you brother”. This is small-town rural Midwest. We don’t do much random crazy. It’s just more like stupid people not understanding how things work crazy. After the fist raising incident, I look at Whitney (who was driving) and say “I just did it back to him, did you?”. Which she did, because she’s equally awesome.

I have to wonder about this man. Was this random? Was he trying to send us a message? Because we are people and we do deserve power. Are we supposed to pass this along? I want to believe that it was in fact a message and I’m supposed to pass this empowerment to The People. I don’t take my responsiblity lightly random stranger. I will not go quietly into the night, I will not lay down without a fight, I will raise my fist to block out the light and to possibly hold a kite, this rhyme is tight….and that’s where it ends. I’m all rhymed out.

I’m going to continue to ride this crazy train as long as possible!

Smells Like Horses

So I go into the post office, just minding my business and the lady working the counter says “Wow! You been around horses? You smell like horses!” and then she wrinkles up her nose and makes THIS sound with her mouth, “PheWWww”.  Now it was just her and I in there and the post office is very small so if she thought that there was a bad smell and it wasn’t HER, then I was the culprit. **I want to clarify something right now. I had not and was not planning to be around horses. In fact I haven’t been around ANY hoof-footed animal of anysort!**

The woman kept going on and on about this horse smell so I just AGREEDED with the fact that yes, in fact I had been with horses and no, I did not know that I smelled like horses. Then I left. Because what can you do when someone accuses you of smelling like horses and only you know that you don’t?

But now, sitting at the computer I’m feeling a mix of emotions: anger (B/c really? Who says that to someone else?), confusion (Horses? Me?) and a little bit of worry (Do I really smell like horses? Do I have a funky smell today?).

So do I just act like I’m REALLY into horses whenever I go in there? I’m ready to take this lie to the next level. Horse shirts, boots, the whole bit. I may even buy spurs. Or maybe I just need to go take a shower to make sure.