July Adventures

I can’t believe that it’s been a MONTH since I last blogged! That’s crazy! Obviously I’ve been busy. I’ve been studying for my History exam to get into the Student-Teaching Program. I put it off for quite awhile but now I have to schedule the test. Blah! I’m not looking forward to paying for the test ($95) nor taking the test.

In other news, July has been a busy month for us! I’m not sure why I tell myself at the end of every month that the next month will be less crazy. It’s never true! And now that the boys are older, it seems that we are more involved in stuff and go more! I miss those days when they were little that seemed to go on forever and we never went anywhere! lol!

We did summer camp:



C and L went to Boy Scout Camp for a week. It was C’s 3rd year of camp and L’s first. L didn’t think that he was going to like it, but when I saw him on Family Day he told me that he was having the time of his life! He learned so much and made a bunch of new friends! Also, C got tapped to be in the tribe of Mic-O-Say, which is a BIG DEAL when you are in Boy Scouts! His Mic-O-Say name is Eagle Man and he is currently a Brave. So proud of them!!!



While the older 2 boys were at Boy Scout camp, the younger 2 boys went to Cub Scout Day Camp, which was 2 days. They had a LOT of fun! This is K’s 5th and final year of Cub Scout camp (he’s a Webelo 2 now!) and E’s first year of Cub Scouts (he’s a Tiger Cub!). They got to do super fun stuff like FLY IN AN AIRPLANE that was “higher than a water tower” (E’s quote), build and shoot a pop bottle rocket, make a kite, shoot BB guns, sling shots and shoot a bow and arrow.

Lots of GREAT memories made and milestones met this week!

We gardened:

garden1The weather hasn’t been that great to grow anything other than a weed but we have managed to have some tomatoes and our watermelon is going to town! E loves to work in the garden and one of his favorite things to do is to run out to the garden and check to see what new is growing! He keeps me updated at least once a day on how big the watermelons are getting. Ha!! We will have so much fun eating our organic goodies!

We were silly:

partyThe middle 2 boys + 5 other boys played on a summer basketball team that I coached. We didn’t win any games but we had fun and got a little better at the game! We had a party to end the season. I kept it simple with just cupcakes, drinks and foam noodle swords. Who knew that foam noodle swords could occupy 10-11 year olds for over an hour?! They had a really good time!


The infamous blanket fort that the boys like to make. To really make it good and sturdy, you must rip off all the sheets! Ha! They were giggling and having a good time…plus they were a little quiet, so I had to see what they were up to! This blanket fort was highly advanced: 2 rooms and “air conditioned” (really just a blanket over a fan). lol! Boys are fun!

We went to the movies:

Jurassic 2

We saw “Jurassic World” in theatres and the boys loved it! This was E’s first full move and he did great sitting through it! Popcorn helped!

That’s been our July so far! We’re going to St. Louis soon and I can’t wait to share with you all of our adventures! Until next time, toot-a-loo!


Library Card, FitBit and Warm Spring Days!

Hello Spring! I’ve missed you! We’ve been busy the last week or so! The weather has been FANTASTIC for the last week! No coats! We just need jackets in the mornings and short sleeves in the afternoon! When I got home yesterday from work, K ran out and had to tell me all about his day before I even got out of the car! So I just had to snap a picture!

K looking sweet!
K looking sweet!

I have BIG news and that is that E can now go to the library and check out books!! He was so excited that not only was he able to get his OWN library card, just like his brothers, but he can check out books that he can read all by himself!

E with his first library card and a bunch of  books that HE can READ all by himself!
E with his first library card and a bunch of books that HE can READ all by himself!

He told the librarian after he got his card, “When I grow up, I can buy a truck with this!”. Haha! Does he think that it’s a credit card? Here’s a picture of him reading at the library. He was so excited that he just sat down and began reading!

E reading at the library.
E reading at the library.

I finished my 7th book for the year and it fulfilled the Reading Challenge “Part of a trilogy”. It was a really good book! When I checked it out, there were only 3 books but when I returned it, the librarian told me that the author just published book 4 and there is book 5 in the works! Eeep! I think it still counts though.

Book 7 so far in 2015!
Book 7 so far in 2015!

Mail has been pretty steady. Since I last blogged, I’ve received 4 letters and a postcard. I haven’t taken pictures, but maybe later. The boys have had 3 more basketball games but have lost them all. They sure try hard!

Oh and I almost forgot! One of the health departments that I work for ordered everyone a FitBit! As I’m only a part-time employee, I had to pay for part of mine. I got the Flex and had to just pay $29, so that’s a pretty good deal! I just got it this morning, so there hasn’t been much activity. I hope this really helps motivate me and to keep me honest about the calories that I take in and the exercise that I do/don’t do.

Fitbit in strawberry red!
Fitbit in strawberry red!