Days of Summer

I saw these beautiful wildflowers by the side of the road and had to stop to take a picture!
I saw these beautiful wildflowers by the side of the road and had to stop to take a picture!

June is wrapping up and ¬†I can’t believe how quickly it has come and gone! We’ve had a busy month, even a busy week since I last posted! We’ve officially hit the hot days of summer and while it is nice to get some use out of those summer clothes, our air conditioner has been continuously running!

Last week was tournament week for Little League (C & L) as well as Minor League (K), so we were a busy bunch! The season ended well with Minor League winning second and Little League winning third.

Second place winners after a hard battle!
Second place winners after a hard battle!

I’m really proud of all three boys and can’t believe that another baseball season is now behind us.

3rd place
3rd place

Blue SillyDid you know that third place makes you silly?! Hahaha!

C enjoying the crisp pool water!
E with his favorite pool toy!

We also have been to the pool and the library. Unfortunately, the weather has not allowed for us to go to the pool much, but when we went to the pool it was perfect! The water felt sooo good!

K 3rd
K very proud of his medal!
Gooseberry 5k
The boys and my mom all geared up and ready for the 5K! The other boys had numbers too, but were on their back.
Runners in action! Can you spot 3 of the 4 boys?

On Saturday, the health department put on a 5K for the Gooseberry Festival and the boys all ran it. Only E wasn’t able to finish it and while they all did well, K got THIRD in his age division! He is very proud of his medal!

On Tuesday, I took K to a super arcade called¬†Power Play. It was a belated birthday present and this was the earliest that we could go due to the hectic baseball schedule. It was my first time every going and it was actually pretty fun! It’s not just an arcade, although it has a lot of arcade games. It has a mini bowling alley, laser tag, laser maze, bumper cars, a little roller coaster, a mini ferris wheel, a Tilt-A-Whirl and a Go Kart track (it was raining so we couldn’t do Go Karts) and a buffet. I was prepared to spend a little more, but then I saw a deal that if you went on a Tuesday AFTER 4pm, for $15 you could get the buffet, 1 hour of unlimited play and 40 points (for arcade games that gave you tickets for prizes). WHAT a deall!!

K Powerplay
K extremely excited to finally go into PowerPlay! He felt like he had to wait forever to get to go!
K game
K concentrating on a game.

I can’t believe that all this happened in just ONE week! I wonder what will happen in the week to come?! The joys and surprises never end when your the mom of 4 boys! Yea!