Monday, March 23, 2015

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For Today… March 23, 2015
Outside my window…Seeing grass that’s turning green
I am thinking…how I will get it all done today!
I am thankful…for warm weather, Spring-like days and being surrounded by such nice people!
I am wearing…purple top, pearl necklace, white skirt, gold flip flops, my pink watch and my fitbit.
I am creating…pretty journal pages.
I am going…to attempt to finish my homework today and am going to the basketball game tonight.
I am wondering…if I will actually get my homework done tonight or not; I’m also wondering if the boys will win tonight.
I am reading… on the way to work via audiobook.
Book 7 so far in 2015!
Book 7 so far in 2015!
I am hoping…that the boys will get a win this year.
I am learning…how to navigate my smartphone, as this is the first one I’ve ever had!
In my garden…I’m planning to add more raised beds!
In my kitchen…things are messy! It was a crazy weekend! Planning on making something fast because we have to get to the game! Once my class is over, I plan on spending the weekends making freezer meals
A favorite quote for today…”the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything!”.
A peek into one of my days…week
One of my favorite things…80s workout
The boys dressed up for Spirit Week. The theme was “80’s workout”. E is trying to look tough. HaHa! (Ignore the ghetto wheel. I got my tire changed and the guy forgot to put the hubcap back on)

Robins and Green Grass



I’ve been noticing the signs of Spring everywhere lately! The grass is beginning to get more and more green and the trees are starting to send out little buds. Today as I was going to the car, I even saw some robins! Spring is truly here!

Hip hip hooray! The weather last week was so nice that I really am hating the cold weather that we have been having so far this week. Bleh! Bring back the warm! We love it!

I haven’t been up to anything spectacular. I feel like I’m busy all the time! This is what has happened in the last week:

  • Switched over to Straight Talk and got my first Smartphone
  • Worked
  • C has an asthma attack and had to go to the ER. (He’s fine now, just couldn’t get his breathing under control).
  • E accidentally locked my keys in my car on St. Patrick’s Day and I had to call the locksmith to come out and unlock it. $45 is what it cost!
  • Lost 6.8 lbs in a week!
  • Got 4 letters in the mail but only sent out 1.

That’s been my week!

Library Card, FitBit and Warm Spring Days!

Hello Spring! I’ve missed you! We’ve been busy the last week or so! The weather has been FANTASTIC for the last week! No coats! We just need jackets in the mornings and short sleeves in the afternoon! When I got home yesterday from work, K ran out and had to tell me all about his day before I even got out of the car! So I just had to snap a picture!

K looking sweet!
K looking sweet!

I have BIG news and that is that E can now go to the library and check out books!! He was so excited that not only was he able to get his OWN library card, just like his brothers, but he can check out books that he can read all by himself!

E with his first library card and a bunch of  books that HE can READ all by himself!
E with his first library card and a bunch of books that HE can READ all by himself!

He told the librarian after he got his card, “When I grow up, I can buy a truck with this!”. Haha! Does he think that it’s a credit card? Here’s a picture of him reading at the library. He was so excited that he just sat down and began reading!

E reading at the library.
E reading at the library.

I finished my 7th book for the year and it fulfilled the Reading Challenge “Part of a trilogy”. It was a really good book! When I checked it out, there were only 3 books but when I returned it, the librarian told me that the author just published book 4 and there is book 5 in the works! Eeep! I think it still counts though.

Book 7 so far in 2015!
Book 7 so far in 2015!

Mail has been pretty steady. Since I last blogged, I’ve received 4 letters and a postcard. I haven’t taken pictures, but maybe later. The boys have had 3 more basketball games but have lost them all. They sure try hard!

Oh and I almost forgot! One of the health departments that I work for ordered everyone a FitBit! As I’m only a part-time employee, I had to pay for part of mine. I got the Flex and had to just pay $29, so that’s a pretty good deal! I just got it this morning, so there hasn’t been much activity. I hope this really helps motivate me and to keep me honest about the calories that I take in and the exercise that I do/don’t do.

Fitbit in strawberry red!
Fitbit in strawberry red!

Reading, Basketball and Band

E has been learning to read for some time now but it always seemed like it was such a chore for him. He fought reading and would act silly to get out of it. He knew the words but all of a sudden, it has clicked! My mom got these 2 books for him in the library and he is able to read both AND enjoys it!! He feels so grown up because he can read BOOKS! He reads with a good flow too! I’m so proud of him!

3bears   3pigs

I wasn’t able to get a picture of him reading yet, but will try to remember to get one posted soon. He’s so excited about reading that the next time we go to the library, he will get his first library card and be able to check out books that he can read! I love this milestone and am so blessed to have watched each boy’s excitement at getting their own library card!

These books are perfect for new readers and help them build their confidence as a reader!

This picture is of the conference band that C participated in. You can’t really make out his face, so I put an arrow pointing to him.

HDC band 2015 

He plays clarinet and tried out for a chair. Out of 13 clarinets, he earned 6th chair! Keep in mind that he’s only 12 and in 7th grade and was competing against other kids who were in 7-12th grades! Quite the accomplishment!! The band played back in January, but I wasn’t able to take a picture and just found this photo on the county paper’s website!

L & K are playing elementary basketball and have a pretty good team! They have only had 1 game so far and I tried to take a picture but it didn’t turn out very well. They play tonight, so hopefully I can get a better photo.

I read the following book for my Reading Challenge 2015. It was a fine romance but what I thought was the most interesting, was the fact that the characters were immigrants from Iran. I learned a lot about Iranian culture and how Iran was in the 1970 and how it is currently. It is categorized under “Book you can read in a day” because it was a quick read and it was a rare “free day” and I was actually to read more than a few pages! I chose the book because of something really cool that my library is doing, which is called “The Book Dating Game”. You choose a number from a bowl and whichever number you choose, that is the genre of book you have to get for your “date”. It was fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

"Book you can read in a day"
“Book you can read in a day”

Waiting for the Storm

It’s supposed to storm tonight and so we’re all just waiting for it to storm. The weather isn’t sure if there is going to be rain, 1-3 or more inches of snow or maybe nothing. We’ll just have to wait and see! Right now there’s not a whole lot going on at the moment, so I thought I would share with you a couple of pictures.

E and I went out to eat at McDonalds and he tried fries dipped in a shake. Yum! I love this picture because it’s shows his missing two front teeth. Aww!

image (10)

I was in Family Dollar the other day and saw this display. I’m not quite sure they know what lingerie is or maybe I’ve been wrong this entire time. Hahaha!!!

image (7)

Ready for Spring!

Hello world! Spring has been teasing me lately! It will be cold, then turn warm. Saturday it was 42 degrees F! It made me start wanting to plan my ! I walked around and looked at my little orchard and they are starting to bud! 😀

In the meantime, life has been…normal. We had a bunch of snow the first part of February and we had a snow day! The boys and I built a giant snowman…or at least giant for us! We could barely lift the body and head!

That sun's bright mom!
That sun’s bright mom!
Our snowman
Our snowman-like the pot for a hat?
Better run!
Better run!

The boys had a good Valentine’s Day! They each got a candy bouquet-the Junior class was selling them and so I bought each boy one. I also made heart shaped Rice Krispie treats with red sprinkles as a treat for the boys’ classes, but didn’t take a picture of them. Believe me, they didn’t last long!

Excited about getting a candy bouquet on Valentine's Day!
Excited about getting a candy bouquet on Valentine’s Day!

I tried to take a picture of the other boys with theirs, but I think it was gone in 0.5 seconds! Haha! I also made appreciation cards for each of the elementary school boys’s teachers. I know it shouldn’t matter but I really meant what I said and I didn’t get a thank you or even an acknowledgement for giving them something. The cards were attached to a cookie that I bought from the Junior class.

Card I made for L's teacher.
Card I made for L’s teacher.
Card I made for E's teacher.
Card I made for E’s teacher.
Card I made for K's teacher.
Card I made for K’s teacher.

Also, I recently had the most amazing mail day! I got 7 pieces of mail all in one day! 2 were valentines and the rest were letters!! It totally MADE MY DAY! It’s the most mail I’ve ever received in one day!

BEST mail day EVER!
BEST mail day EVER!

I got mail from: 4 LEP members (Sonnia in CA, Katy in the UK,, Jenn from CA), 2 LetterMo participants (Ronda in OH, Rachel in CA) and one long-time penpal, Christa in VA. 😀

Little Bit of Boring

Hello friends! I haven’t posted in forever and I guess it’s because life has been a little bit boring around here. It’s a good thing because sometimes life gets so crazy that I can’t think straight! There’s been many nights where the boys and I just sit around and watch tv, read or play Uno. It’s been really simple and I can’t help but want the rest of the year to go like this!

We have had some excitement. The boys are getting some much needed haircuts! Here is a picture of C and K. E got a haircut last night but I don’t have a picture of him yet.


I haven’t had much time for reading. I’m not sure why, I just haven’t felt like reading or writing. I spend the evenings with the boys and then when they go to bed, I’m so exhausted I go to bed too! Must have something to do with it getting dark so early. I have been listening to my audiobook to and from work and that’s really the only reading that I have done lately. I just finished it.

download (1) This is a really good book and I had no idea that it was based on real people! I have never heard of Sarah and Angelina Grimke and their work as the first women to fight for equal rights for women as well as equal rights/abolition of slavery! I would encourage everyone to read this book. It’s very good!!

Today: Jan 6th

Thoughts of the Day

Outside my window: Cold with a light dusting of snow on the ground. Supposed to get colder tonight and tomorrow morning, with wind chills in the -30s!
I am thinking: Making progress on cleaning!
I am thankful: For a warm house!
In the kitchen: Cube steak with shake-n-bake, Annie’s mac & cheese, lettuce salad and peaches. Yum!
I am wearing: black dress pants, green long sleeved tee, red and white striped fuzzy socks, homemade long necklace and Christian’s Christmas gift to me: silver owl necklace.
I am creating: Clean spaces.
I am going: To work and back; to work on homework & make cookies.
I am wondering: How I will be able to make student teaching work. 😦
I am reading: “The Invention of Wings” via audio book.
I am hoping: To get caught up on cleaning by Friday.
I am looking forward to: Planning my garden, buying more trees for the orchard.
I am learning: About curriculum for my studies and about how to play Magic: The Gathering b/c the boys got a few decks for Christmas and want me to play.
Around the house: Organization and purging! I’m caught up on laundry at least!!
I am pondering: What all I have in my freezer to meal plan.
A favorite quote for today: “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else” Benjamin Franklin.
One of my favorite things: Hugs from the boys when they come home from school, leaving to catch the bus and before they go to bed.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Working 2 more days, working on homework, speaking to a few schools about student teaching, working on my mail pile.
A peek into my day:

My office
My office
lunch: homemade veggie stew
lunch: homemade veggie stew
sunset over pond
sunset over pond
beautiful country sunset
beautiful country sunset

It’s a Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning! It reminds me of the verse from Psalm 118:24 ” This is the day the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad in it”. Such a beautiful sunrise, all brilliant pinks and oranges, and I rushed to get my camera to capture the Lord’s beauty…but it was dead. No problem, I thought, I’ll just use my phone. It was also dead. Wonderful. So, I had to gaze at the beauty alone and not be able to share it with all of you!

I instead will share this sunrise that was similar which I have borrowed this picture from

Friday was my birthday but as I was not in the office that day, all the girls from work took me out to eat yesterday at the Mexican restaurant as a late birthday gift. So sweet of them! I really love my coworkers!

When I got home, I got 2 letters and a late Christmas card in the mail! Yea! Such a great day!!