After the Storm

Well I’ve taken quite a hiatus. Schoolwork really got overwhelming and I got behind on everything! I am now finished with student teaching and am THISCLOSE to my degree! All I have left is the “Professional Development” test and fingerprinting!

I want to get back into this whole blogger thing! I’m linking with The Simple Woman’s Daybook for today.


Looking out my window:  It’s a rainy day and chilly! Definitely a jeans sort of day!
I am thinking:  I need to meal plan because my week is about to get busy!
I am thankful:  That I got to see family and friends yesterday at my brother’s HS graduation party.
One of my favorite things:  That the day is slow. I get to breathe and plan for the week!
I am wearing: Black polo with “breastfeeding peer counselor” embroidered on it, a red cardigan, gray slacks, dark brown Clarks and my hair in a ponytail. No makeup.
I am creating:  Not a whole lot. Memories, I guess!
I am reading:  “Pax” by Sara Pennypacker. SUCH a cute story! I’m reading it with Kayden but I can’t put it down!
I am hoping:  That I can work in the yard and garden tomorrow and hopefully get started on additional garden beds!
I am learning:  Nothing at the moment! Classes are done and I’m giving my mind a break!
In my kitchen:  Nothing at the moment since I am at work but there is cherry pie in the works for tonight!
In my garden:  Right now only little pea sprouts and buttercrunch lettuce. Need to plant more, hopefully tomorrow!
Shared Quote:  “Celebrate the little things“-Classic but a goodie! I’m focusing on this right now.
A moment from my day (yesterday):boys at graduation

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