Racking Up Miles in my Van & Fall’s Arrived!

Once again, I’ve gotten busy and neglected my blog. Life seems to keep getting more and more busy, which leaves me little time for much else. I seem to always be rushing and my cup definitely runneth over! I’ve spent so much time in my van, it’s ridiculous! Driving to work, driving the boys to practice, going to games, driving to get groceries, drive, drive, drive! I’m not getting very many steps on my FitBit because I’ve been doing a lot of driving somewhere, then sitting for a few hours, then driving home! Not much opportunity to move! But I wouldn’t give up the joys of watching my boys do something that they love!

Fall comes with changes in the fields.

The corn is ready to be harvested!


Fall is here and with it comes all this beauty!12132966_307099129465223_2051839130_n(1) 11931197_1627017250920925_1176610648_n11875387_950127538386113_546612761_n11856694_1678241225725456_605346502_n11348262_757950647666551_1435426444_n11881763_549440585221724_1810758295_n

September was busy with FOOTBALL! C played Jr. High football and although he didn’t get to play much, had a good season and enjoyed playing! He played on the line during defense and sometimes offense. L and K are playing youth football and have had pretty good seasons. K is on the junior team and plays on the line during offense, L is on the senior team and plays on the line during defense.11856751_592580500880148_1242404862_n 11939539_1734988820062207_78379382_n 12105200_455794904600097_743203128_n

C’s football games are over but the other boys have a few more games left. We travel all over for these games, mostly in Iowa. It can get pretty tiring driving that far, but it’s worth it! The boys didn’t get to attend many of C’s games because they were fairly far away in Missouri and because they usually started around 5pm, which meant that I didn’t have enough time to leave from work and pick them up. Usually I was late to his games because I couldn’t leave until after work. L and K play on Saturday mornings, so at least we all can go! While we are driving, I require the boys to bring a book and read. I hope to instill a love of reading in all of them!

I’ve been busy at work too. I’ve been doing more outreach activities, which are more exhausting than I originally though that they were going to be. I’m not sure if I will continue with them or not because they take so much of my time to just plan!.

Also, I’ve been studying like crazy to get ready for my History exam. It’s on Dec 10th and I’m freaking out about it! I’m really worried that I won’t pass because I’m nowhere close to ready. I can take it as many times as I need to in order to pass…but each time I take the exam, it costs me $100.

During my “free time”, I have managed to write a few letters and read a couple of books. I’m currently reading Agatha Christie’s first book, which was published in 1920 but written during WW1. I’m a Christie fan so I’m hoping this one is just as good as her others!The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The pear tree at my parents’ house is overflowing with pears! They are delish! I need to can them and make pear honey, but the boys keep eating them! Haha! I don’t mind too much. I want them to enjoy the fruit! The cool thing about this pear tree, is that my great-grandmother (the one who built my parents’ house and bought the farm 100 years ago) planted that pear tree. So it’s pretty cool to know that the pears that I’m feeding my boys are the same ones that she fed her boys. 12070659_1708658769367777_407555825_n

Halloween is nearly here and we’re not ready yet! I need to get on the ball and start putting costumes together for the boys. C is in 8th grade, so this may be his last year Trick-or-Treating! The thought of that makes me sad! My boy is growing up too quickly! I see my time with him sift through my fingers like sand. Sniffle!

I will leave here on a good note. E has gained 5 lbs, which is so nice because now we don’t have to have weekly weigh-ins at the doctor’s office 12140715_10156127069875274_2473114945371924419_nand pumpkin spice lattes are here! Starbucks is pictured but McDonald’s is what I buy more often, since the nearest Starbucks is quite a drive. Yeah for pumpkin and positive things!11325783_1054134654629607_999971946_n

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