Coffee Talk

Linking with to participate in “Coffee Talk”. Jasmine says, “This link up is all about talking about the goals we have and making sure we accomplish them. All you have to do is pick three goals you’re really dedicated to accomplishing, write about it and do it”.

These are my goals for the week:

1) Meet my daily steps goal on my FitBit! I have to show improvement over the next few months since the Health Department bought them for us and in May I really sucked. I had some really good days and some awful days, which brought my average waaay down. 😦

2) Finish stemming the gooseberries and make a gooseberry pie.

3) Get the pile that has been bugging me in the living room sorted out and organized. I think a lot of the pile is donation stuff just waiting to be donated. GET it DONE!

Wish me luck! I think that I can accomplish these three goals this week!


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