Catchin’ Up

Hello! Hello! Well, it’s June now-can you believe that?! I haven’t been on here much. I’m not sure why. I’ve been really busy, so there are tons of things that are being overlooked at the moment. Hopefully, things will slow down and I can BREATHE!

busylol! I think that I have used this before, but it really explains my life at the moment!

So, we are full into baseball season. It is so much fun going to the games and rooting in the stands, eating concession stand food (especially “walkin’ tacos” and soft pretzels with cheese) and seeing people you only talk to during baseball season. Being a baseball mom is fun! 😀

Kayden baseball                    Evan tball                From left to right: K in his uniform, E in his uniform.

I haven’t taken pictures of the older two boys in their uniform yet! I keep forgetting!

We’ve been busy doing other things too. Mowing the yard, spending rainy days inside the house (it rained nearly EVERY day in May!),

Evan garden 1 Evan garden 2Gardening! These pictures are of E prepping the garden. Too many weeds!! He loved digging in the dirt, weeding and all the creepy crawlies that he unearthed!

farmers garden We went to the Farmers Market and got a bunch of awesome goodies!

roseMy new rose bush bloomed. Isn’t it beautiful?! I had no idea what it was going to look like and don’t even know the name of this rose, but I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Cole Chloe                                The puppies are getting bigger and are super adorable! L is holding Cole and C is holding Chloe. Everyone is going to be sad when we have to give them away…but we really can’t keep them. Too many beings in a tiny house!

gooseberriesThe gooseberry bushes are LOADED and I spent part of the weekend picking gooseberries. I still need to stem them and then make a pie! I can’t wait! Gooseberry pie is so yummy!

kaydenK had a birthday on Sunday and turned 10! This was a picture of him on the last day that he was 9. Sob! My kids are getting much too old!!! Wahaahaa!

Finally, I leave you with a picture. This scene calms me, reminds me of home and makes me smile because I love where I live. I feel lucky that I have wildflowers to look at instead of neighbors and buildings. wildflowers


One thought on “Catchin’ Up

  1. So many wonderful things to comment on. 🙂
    1. It was great to see TWO blog updates from you in my inbox today 🙂
    2. Cheers to baseball season! Ashton is thinking of trying soccer again. 🙂
    3. Pretty flowers! And Im jealous that your farmers market is open already. 😉
    4. Totally adorbs pups! I didnt know you had puppies!
    5. Now I’m all sorts of curious about gooeseberries; never heard of them before.
    6. Super happy birthday wishes to K!
    7. Lovely view from your yard. I kinda sorta may be jealous 😉
    8. I MISS YOU!

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