Stupid Sunday

Today was stressful b/c Dash likes to BOTHER his brothers and he’s been a constant pain since he woke up today. We had Cub Scouts and I went even though I didn’t FEEL like it. Well, gues who DIDN’T show up?? EVERYONE else, mainly! Which really pisses me off b/c I made a special trip and drove 40 mins to go to the meeting when I didn’t WANT to! I was even really productive and took my laptop and printer to the meeting and not only printed off coloring sheets about our state flag BUT made fill in the blank worksheets!! At least the boys in my den showed up and I got to do my thing…but it could have waited.

On a good note, I finally have hot water (needed a new water heater) and HEAT. And you’ll never guess what was wrong with my furnace. Done guessing?? The thing couldn’t breathe because there were mud daubber nests built in the flu!!!!! All the guy had to do was to climb on the roof like Santa Claus and take a pipe to the nests, which knocked them down…and then the furnace worked! Crazy!!


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