Stupid Sunday

Today was stressful b/c Dash likes to BOTHER his brothers and he’s been a constant pain since he woke up today. We had Cub Scouts and I went even though I didn’t FEEL like it. Well, gues who DIDN’T show up?? EVERYONE else, mainly! Which really pisses me off b/c I made a special trip and drove 40 mins to go to the meeting when I didn’t WANT to! I was even really productive and took my laptop and printer to the meeting and not only printed off coloring sheets about our state flag BUT made fill in the blank worksheets!! At least the boys in my den showed up and I got to do my thing…but it could have waited.

On a good note, I finally have hot water (needed a new water heater) and HEAT. And you’ll never guess what was wrong with my furnace. Done guessing?? The thing couldn’t breathe because there were mud daubber nests built in the flu!!!!! All the guy had to do was to climb on the roof like Santa Claus and take a pipe to the nests, which knocked them down…and then the furnace worked! Crazy!!

Triple Dose of Bronchitis With Brain Pudding

So my brain is pudding today. Woke the boys up to a normal sort of day…except that it wasn’t.

Backstory: I kept the older 2 home yesterday from school b/c over the weekend they were coughing like crazy…like to the point of choking! And Cash has asthma, so I’m constantly watching that. BUT I thought that maybe they were ok enough to go to school today.

Okay, so back to my normal sort of morning. Wake the kids up to get ready for school…and Crash is having an asthma attack. Oh yeah, he has asthma too. And also Bash has epilepsy. Anyways so I’m giving Crash his nebulizer treatment and trying to get the older 2 out the door…and the nebulizer just isn’t cutting it. I was supposed to sub today, but I canceled and called the children’s hospital hotline to see if they think that I need to take Crash into the ER or just give him some OTC cough syrup for his cough (he’s also obtained this crazy cough over the course of the night). I’m also freaking out a little b/c I can’t get ahold of the DR and I’m not sure what I should do. Finally the nurse @ the children’s hospital tells me to take him into the ER.
So away we go. He’s admitted, chest xray’d and find out that he has bronchitis. He has a steroid to take and an antibotic…oh and he can’t go to school tomorrow either.

Fast forward a few hours to approx. 4pm today. I have DR appointments for the older 2 boys. Guess what they also have? Bronchitis! More antibiotics. And no school tomorrow either.

At this point I’ve been to 2 pharmacies, the hospital and the DR office. Right now my kitchen counter looks like I’ve ripped off a pharmacy!!

And guess what? I’ve gotta wake up @ 4am and give Crash his meds. I’m REALLY becoming exhausted with all of the sickness that I’m having to tend to since August. It’s really wearing me down. Sigh.