Me vs. Technology

So now I hate technology. I wrote a really uplifting and awesome post and guess what? Somehow it didn’t publish and just VANISHED! Guess what? I would have had that copy if I had written it on paper. GRR!

I was basically talking about how did we function as a society before cell phones and all the technology that we rely on every day? How did we stand it to not hear back from some in less than 30seconds? How did we sit in waiting rooms? How did we keep friendships?

I can answer that. We were ourselves and had private thoughts and experiences and only shared the really awesome or horrible or annoying ones.

At the house the kids have a PS2 and a Wii. They know that they are able to play video games AFTER their homework is finished and AFTER their daily jobs are done. They have limited screen time also. I am a horrible mother btw b/c I make them do this BUT I want them to have childhood memories that aren’t about a certain level or what a character can do, unless it’s about a character in a book. I don’t want their minds and bodies turned into marshmallow fluff!

We read. I am bound and determined that we will be a reading family. When we are home we have a mandatory read, typically when I’m fixing supper. Everyone is supposed to get a book and read. At first there was grumbling from Dash and Crash but now they happily read. I’ve even caught them reading on their OWN! For every 100 pages, they get money to apply to fun things like The Avengers, which we will see tomorrow.  Whenever we go anywhere and will be in the car for an extended period of time, everyone has to take a book to read whenever they get bored.

BUT whenever Friend comes over everything changes. He has a cell phone and and PSP, neither of which never get left at home. He is constantly on at least one of them. Friend is 8 btw. Once he’s around all anyone can do is look over the shoulder of whoever is playing and complain that it’s their turn. The majority of fighting in our house is over video games. Friend spent the night last night and the Ash Brothers were almost late getting to the bus b/c they took forever getting ready this morning b/c they were too worried about getting in a few extra minutes of PSP. This has conviced me that not only will that stupid thing be banned from the house but I will not buy any of the kids this device or anything similar.

Hopefully when they reach the age where they need technology more they will not have to lean on it and they will be able to think independently and be able to do things WITHOUT technology.