Important phone calls!

This story was reported to me by Cash this morning and it’s just too funny. So apparently Bash was playing with an old flip phone of mine and one of the boys took it from him. This is the conversations that followed:

Bash: Give me my phone back!

Brother: No!

Bash: Give it to me!! I need to CALL SOMEBODY!!

And what was really funny was what Cash said at the end of this story after he got done telling me. He said “Pfft. Like HE has anyone to call!”. HAHAHA!!

The Ash Brothers Introduced

I have 4 boys and obviously don’t want to use their real names. Someday they may want a job. Haha! So I let them choose their “handles”! We decided that they would all rhyme and here they are: Cash–9 year old. Dash–8 year old. Crash-6 year old. Bash–3 year old. Actually he didn’t decide, I did. He wanted Poop. I really couldn’t handle refering to my child as Poop…and I’m sure neither could you. So, from now on my kids aka the Ash Brothers aka The Guys have these handles.