Power to the People

This is what happened to me today: Went with my friend/co-worker/boss’s fiance Whitney to town and as we are driving up hospital hill, we see this guy walking on the sidewalk. When he sees us, he raises his fist in like a “Power to the People” sort of way. Without looking at each other or a word in-between us, we both raise our fists back at him like saying “I support you brother”. This is small-town rural Midwest. We don’t do much random crazy. It’s just more like stupid people not understanding how things work crazy. After the fist raising incident, I look at Whitney (who was driving) and say “I just did it back to him, did you?”. Which she did, because she’s equally awesome.

I have to wonder about this man. Was this random? Was he trying to send us a message? Because we are people and we do deserve power. Are we supposed to pass this along? I want to believe that it was in fact a message and I’m supposed to pass this empowerment to The People. I don’t take my responsiblity lightly random stranger. I will not go quietly into the night, I will not lay down without a fight, I will raise my fist to block out the light and to possibly hold a kite, this rhyme is tight….and that’s where it ends. I’m all rhymed out.

I’m going to continue to ride this crazy train as long as possible!


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